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Village Zone

These dome-shaped lodgings are located in a forest that contains natural terrain elements. Though there are more than 300 huts, each one has a unique charm of its own. The highlands calm atmosphere and the surrounding trees and streams ensure that you will have a relaxing stay.

AsoFarmLand Official | Village Zone
AsoFarmLand Official | Type of rooms (examples)

Type of rooms

  1. *Double
  2. *Twin
  3. *Western style 3beds
  4. *Western style 4beds
  5. *Japanese style 4mattress (4from2)
  6. *Japanese style 6mattress (6from5)

Royal Zone

Each one of these luxurious huts has its own gate and garden, and the interior has a refreshing stark-white tone. There are also unique rooms, such as rooms with open-air baths or duplex rooms.

AsoFarmLand Official | Royal Zone
AsoFarmLand Official | Type of rooms (examples)

Type of rooms

  1. *Twin
  2. *Western style 4beds

Dream Zone

Dinosaurs, watermelons, soccer balls... These round huts are filled with elements right out of a kid’s dream. There are 26 rooms, and all of them are full of fun and playful designs. This is the perfect place to make great memories for the whole family.

AsoFarmLand Official | Dream Zone

Type of rooms

*Western style two semi-double beds. *Western style two double beds. *japanese style four mattress.
*An additional charge is necessary for “monster”,“tree”,“explorer”. The inquiry of the reservation supports over e-mail. (

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  1. Mushroom

    AsoFarmLand Official | Mushroom

  2. Kumamon

    AsoFarmLand Official | Kumamon

  3. Strawberry

    AsoFarmLand Official | Strawberry

  4. Soccer

    AsoFarmLand Official | Soccer

  5. Monster

    AsoFarmLand Official | Monster

  6. Dinosaur

    AsoFarmLand Official | Dinosaur

*We also have other fun rooms such as a spaceship, watermelon and flower.

Information to guests

Check in: 16:00 (14:00 for Dream Zone) / Check out 10:00

*Check in process available from 9:00. Please go to the hotel front desk for check in process after arriving. While processing, we will hand you any facility tickets that are included in your plan. Check in time is 16:00 (14:00 for Dream Zone).
*We can keep your luggage at the front desk free of charge.